Characteristics of a Healthy Home

1. There is Sufficient Ventilation

In building a house, the main thing that also needs to be considered is the presence of ventilation for air circulation. Your dwelling needs to have adequate ventilation and proper placement.

The existence of ventilation plays an important role for air circulation, besides that this will make your residence have air that remains fresh and not hot.

One of the characteristics of a healthy home is easy to know from a dwelling, because you will feel immediately the comfort of living in a house that has good air circulation. With good air circulation, this will also help maintain the health of the occupants of the house.

2. Have the Right Arrangement

The characteristics of a healthy home are not only about the health of its residents. The main purpose of compiling a dwelling so that it can be called a healthy home is comfort for all residents. In addition to paying attention to air circulation, a healthy home also needs to pay attention to the arrangement of the house wisely and appropriately.

With the right home arrangement, residents can carry out activities optimally and comfortably. This is important to note because the arrangement of a healthy home plays a major role in the space for residents to move. So that the right arrangement is included in the characteristics of a healthy home.

3. Free from Cockroaches and Rats

Furthermore, the third characteristic of a healthy home is the absence of animals such as cockroaches and mice in the house. It seems that no party is happy if the residence has these two types of animals. If you want a healthy home then as much as possible to eliminate these two animals from the house.

Why is this important to do? This is because cockroaches and mice have a habit of settling in dirty places. In addition, the presence of these animals can cause disease for residents of the house. In order to avoid cockroaches and mice, you need to pay attention to cleanliness in order to fulfill the characteristics of a healthy home, yes!

4. Have Good Water and Sanitation

The fourth characteristic of a healthy home is sanitation and water with appropriate and good needs. Sanitation plays a big role in maintaining the health of the house, moreover water is an important element that is always needed for its residents.

If these two things have been fulfilled properly, then the next step is to ensure the condition of water and sanitation. You can check and avoid that there is no stagnant water in the house.

This step needs to be done to prevent mosquito breeding so that your residence can become a healthy home to live in.

5. Good Waste Management

Then what is included in the characteristics of a house with the next healthy category is good waste management. A healthy and comfortable house to live in certainly looks clean and free from strong odors.

Therefore, you also need to provide several trash cans so that residents of the house do not litter. Because littering will only provide a loss for both the beauty of the house and the health of the occupants.

In addition to providing trash cans for several spots in the house, you can also do waste management. You can sort waste into two types, namely organic and inorganic. After the garbage is collected, don’t forget to place it in the trash bag and schedule regular garbage disposal so that the house doesn’t smell bad.

6. Clean Toilet Condition

As you know, the health of residents is also influenced by a healthy home. So one of the important characteristics in a healthy home is to ensure and maintain the condition of the toilet to keep it clean.

This needs to be done because the toilet is a gathering place for various kinds of bacteria that affect health. If you don’t pay attention to the cleanliness of the toilet, these bacteria can attack the health of the occupants of the house.

The steps you can take are routinely cleaning the toilet at least once a week starting from the floor, walls, bathtub, shower, to the toilet using a liquid containing disinfectant to eradicate bad bacteria.

7. Have a Beautiful Garden

Having a garden is one of the characteristics of a healthy home. The garden area itself does not have to be large, because the main purpose of the garden at home is to provide oxygen.

If the house does not have a large yard, then you can work around this with plants in pots that can be hung or placed in several suitable spots.