Characteristics of a Healthy Home

1. There is Sufficient Ventilation In building a house, the main thing that also needs to be considered is the presence of ventilation for air circulation. Your dwelling needs to have adequate ventilation and proper placement. The existence of ventilation plays an important role for air circulation, besides that this will make your residence have… Continue reading Characteristics of a Healthy Home

How to clean the house to be free of germs and dirt

1. Clean the bathroom Use a cleaning liquid that contains antiseptic substances to clean the bathroom, not just brushing it. Make sure to clean the toilet and sink because these places are a source of germs and bacteria. Clean other bathroom parts, such as door handles, faucets, and all surfaces in the bathroom because bacteria… Continue reading How to clean the house to be free of germs and dirt

Virtual Domain Services

Internet Images offers complete virtual domain services for business and individuals seeking an Internet presence. We give you the option of handling the Internic yourself, or letting us make all the arrangements for the allocation of your domain name. We make sure that the domain is in your name. That way, if you should decide… Continue reading Virtual Domain Services

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